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Small quantities, big effect – Agglomerates from the fluid bed

Whether a fortified protein bar or an instant drink becomes a bestseller clearly depends on how well the powdered ingredients can be integrated into the recipes and consumed. Glatt’s compact plant concept now makes the advantages of property configuration by means of fluid bed technology economically viable for medium-sized productions as well. (article in German language)

Twelve days installation time – Compact system for continuous spray agglomeration of fine powders

Powder agglomeration compactly solved: Protein shakes, capsule coffee and sugar substitutes must be able to be precisely dosed and dissolve quickly; they must neither lump nor segregate. By means of continuous spray agglomeration in the fluid bed, these properties can be precisely adjusted. The new GF ModFlex compact system from plant manufacturer Glatt Ingenieurtechnik makes this economically feasible even for medium-sized productions. (article in German language)

Shaken or Stirred – Agglomeration with fluidized bed technology

Whether it’s infant formula, soups or shakes, instant foods are inseparably linked to many areas of life. If powdery substances are to be dissolved or dispersed in hot or cold liquids, then agglomeration is a vital quality improvement process, with fluidized bed technology providing the widest range of optimization possibilities. For the optimization of instant properties, fluid bed technology is a proven, highly adaptable and established technology. The experimental development of critical parameters is essential and should be tested in laboratory and pilot-scale plants to get flawless instant quality products ready for market.

Design and operation of energy-efficient fluid bed systems – Integrated approach saves costs

Designing and operating fluid bed systems with energy efficiency: Systems for agglomeration, spray granulation and coating in the fluid bed are used in nearly all industries with the production and refinement of solid product forms. In addition to the material and application properties of the manufactured products their manufacturing costs can also be significantly influenced already during the design of the fluid bed systems.

Instantizing made easy – Agglomeration by fluid bed process – Granules from powder

High dust content and bad flowability often cause problems during the filling, dosing or application of powdery substances. This situation can be improved considerably through agglomeration using the fluid bed technology. Glatt Ingenieurtechnik designs und constructs these kind of fluid bed plants for various applications. (German article)

Cleanly separated – filters in fluid bed systems, an overview

For the production of granulates from solid and/or liquid raw materials and the coating of particles, fluid bed plants offer many possibilities for influencing the granulate properties. The process chamber of fluid bed systems must be permeable to the process gas at the bottom and at the top. It is usually bounded at the bottom by an inflow floor and at the top by a filter. The filter is thus of decisive importance for the process. (German article)