Contract Manufacturing at the Glatt Technology Center Weimar

Your access to technologies from the market leader and short time-to-market for your products


Outsourcing to the fluid bed technology leader – put your trust in competent partners!

Our services for you by no means end with completed product and process development. For the market launch, you are welcome to have larger product quantities manufactured on our contract manufacturing production plants. Important market data on your innovative product ideas can be collected in this way before an investment decision is made, providing additional security. In addition, production on our contract manufacturing lines provides information on the efficiency of the process and on upstream and downstream steps, such as raw material handling and screening and packaging. Valuable information that can be used for the conception and design of an own plant.

If the currently required product quantity does not justify your own production, you can use our production capacities just as well as in case of bottlenecks in your own production.

In any case, the process is transferred to our plant sizes as part of a test production. This masterbatch is used to test and determine all process parameters as well as the necessary ancillary processes such as sieving steps, packaging, etc. The process times and yields are also determined and all information is compiled in a manufacturing specification. This step is essential for reproducible production and, together with the precise documentation of the process, ensures complete traceability.

Glatt fluid bed system / spouted bed system GVW 32 / GPCG 200, contract manufacturing at the Glatt Technology Center Weimar

Contract manufacturing in multipurpose plant design for maximum flexibility

Through our technology center, we give you access to mature technologies and support in formulation, product and process development, adapted to your individual needs. This flexibility that Glatt offers as a plant manufacturer in terms of equipment and engineering is used by companies of all sizes – and proves its worth when adapting existing plant technology to changing needs. For example, the existing production plant, designed for batch operation, was converted step by step into a multipurpose plant with continuous operation. This allows oxidation-sensitive ingredients to be encapsulated and made more bioavailable. With the aid of micro encapsulation in combination with continuous spray granulation, emulsions are dried into fine, compact pellets with improved storage stability. The necessary process steps upstream and downstream of the actual granulation process are essential and complement the equipment. These may include a high-pressure homogenizer, the grinding-screening circuit for the continuous powder feed of the starter cores, or special evaporators for solvents.

Contract manufacturing with safe handling of active ingredients

The handling of stimulants containing alkalis, essential trace elements, enzymes or vitamins requires elaborate safety measures during processing – in terms of plant technology and occupational and environmental protection. As the market leader in life science plant manufacturing, the Glatt Group is one of the innovation drivers for technologies and processes, including containment solutions. This is also reflected in closed handling and plant concepts and corresponding air conditioning and ventilation systems. For example, the use of isolators, known from the pharmaceutical industry for APIs, also makes sense for trace elements such as selenium or other highly active substances.

Lifting column with discharge cone, contract manufacturing at the Glatt Technology Center Weimar

More safety in the process when handling solvents and oxidation-sensitive substances

The use of organic solvents, which are used as technical auxiliaries in organic film coatings or in the extraction of plant extracts, among other things, requires special protective measures in the process. Our contract manufacturing is specially prepared for such applications with a wide range of solutions. Since 1996, Glatt in Weimar has been using a plant that safely processes solvent-containing, highly reactive as well as explosive products, both with nitrogen in recirculating mode but also under vacuum conditions. Products sensitive to oxidation, such as fish oils or astaxanthins, benefit from the absence of oxygen. Drying solvents under vacuum conditions combines perfect mass and heat transfer in the fluid bed with the advantage of vacuum, a lower boiling point. Overheating of temperature-sensitive products is definitely avoided. Organic film coatings have outstanding properties that cannot be achieved with aqueous alternatives. The use of fresh/extracted air is particularly suitable for perfect film formation. In contrast to recirculating operation, there is no re-saturation of the solvent here. For explosion protection, the system is designed to withstand 12 bar pressure shocks. With the commissioning of a corresponding plant, the processing possibilities for solvent-containing products were complemented and the previous capacity almost tripled with the new plant.

Short time-to-market through suitable scale-up solutions

Scaling up is particularly important for the market launch of new products – provided that the formulation developed in the laboratory can be transferred to industrial practice. Especially for end consumer markets, several tons of product are needed quickly. Via contract manufacturing at Glatt, the new powders, pellets or granules are manufactured, filled, packaged and delivered directly in agreed quantities – a flexible and competent interface across the entire value chain. In this way, new products as a whole move more quickly from the development phase to market maturity, and larger investments in production capacity or personnel can be made at a later date when the product is successfully established.

Glatt fluid bed system GPCG 300 for contract manufacturing at the Weimar Technology Center

Packaging area, contract manufacturing at the Glatt Technology Center Weimar

Filling station, contract manufacturing at the Glatt Technology Center Weimar

Personnel sluice, contract manufacturing at the Glatt Technology Center Weimar