Glatt Technology Know-how

Your way to your desired product

Speed is a success factor in the development and introduction of new products. Together with you, we improve the properties and manufacturing processes of your products in systematic experimental studies. In our Technology Center, you will find support – from the initial idea to scale-up to industrial scale.

Which properties do you want for your product?

Are you looking for optimal conditions when it comes to optimizing the product properties of your ingredients: better bioavailability, flowability and freedom from dust, improved solubility, tabletable agglomerates, pellet formulations with functional coating, spraying of active ingredients with controlled release, extracts with solvents, drying of solvent-containing products, microencapsulation of volatile and sensitive substances?

Strategy for product and process development

When developing or optimizing products and processes, it is important to consider the materials to be processed as well as all structural and process engineering aspects. Only when all these parameters are optimized can the best results be achieved for your products. For example, important material properties can influence product characteristics as well as provide opportunities for particle design. Engineering options also provide additional opportunities for stabilization. In addition, application-specific operating conditions are of crucial importance. These affect – among other things – explosion protection, operational safety, hygiene, product safety.