Sustainability at Glatt Ingenieurtechnik

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Plant design.

Saving resources.

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik is aware of its corporate social responsibility. We are voluntarily contributing to sustainable development. Beyond the legal requirements, we are taking up this challenge. With this focus, our company successfully took the EcoVadis assessment in 2021 and achieved the bronze medal.

Sustainable technologies made by Glatt

Our company is involved in the implementation of various projects in the field of research and development. The objective is to develop new and to optimize existing Glatt technologies contributing to the energy transition and the implementation of a circular economy. This includes research into new, high-performance battery materials in projects such as EMBATT2.0, FLiBATT, SiKo and Artemys. The project abonocare3 is focused on the efficient recycling of organic residues from biowaste. The project abonocare 4 deals with the production of fertilizer granules and special soil mixtures from phosphorus-containing secondary raw materials in combination with other nutrient components.

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik has already established sustainable technologies. We stand up for further development of these technologies on a daily basis, also for our customers. The best example of sustainability and circular value creation by phosphorus recovery is PHOS4green. This Glatt technology taps the valuable raw material phosphorus from sewage sludge ashes and converts it directly and waste-free into ready-to-use standard and special fertilizers. Together with the company Seraplant we implemented the world’s first industrial production based on PHOS4green in Haldensleben, Germany.

Sustainability in the planning and design of fluidized bed plants

The conservation of resources is not only a commercial task, but also an active contribution to sustainability.

Our plants operate in a process-dependent, energy-intensive manner. That’s why we evaluate the potential for conserving resources. The highest savings potential in plant design and engineering are offered by process gas management, the utilization of process and plant exhaust heat, and the energetic linking of systems for media supply. In addition to the energetic configuration, the focus is also on product quality. Therefore, we analyze and evaluate measures and impacts in a holistic approach.

Where possible, process-related heat can be recovered and reused. We calculate savings effects for heat recovery systems, design and supply them.

For Glatt, sustainability also means protecting the plants in accordance to the state of the art and thus preventively protecting the environment. Modern safety concepts with fire extinguishing systems, explosion protection and explosion suppression systems are naturally part of our scope of supply and services. We design these according to the material data available or determined in the project. Appropriate HAZOP studies in cooperation with our customers are the basis for practical “built-in” safety.

We treat exhaust air and wastewater from plant cleaning in accordance with regulatory requirements. We use various cleaning concepts for this purpose.  All systems for exhaust air purification, such as appropriate filter systems, wet scrubbers or cyclones, are designed by our experienced team of experts to suit the process. If required, we can design and supply wastewater treatment systems together with partners.

Sustainable use of resources at our Weimar site

Using and saving energy efficiently: The activities that make operations at our corporate headquarters in Weimar climate-friendly are also aimed at these two principles.

In our office building, built in 2009, concrete core activation effectively reduces energy consumption. The rooms are both heated and cooled via the ceiling radiation. To ensure that energy is only consumed when necessary, an intelligent building control system regulates the air conditioning fully automatically. Special window and facade elements with a low U-value reduce heat loss to a minimum.

In our Technology Center, we rely on efficient solar thermal energy. Water heated with solar energy is fed into the sanitary areas and also used for cleaning processes in process plants. In addition, heat exchangers are also used to heat water. Compressors enable efficient heat recovery from process exhaust air.

In October 2022, we had a 100 kWp photovoltaic system installed on the roofs of the office buildings in Weimar as part of the energy transition.
We use the generated energy completely as our own consumption.

We maintain an environmental management system in accordance with DIN ISO 14001.

Bronze medal in EcoVadis certification for sustainable action in the areas of:
Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.