Weighing. Dosing. Grinding. Sieving. Cooling. Transporting. Packaging…

Handling of raw materials and products according to your needs.

Glatt fluid bed granulator GPCG 300 with bottom discharge, EHEDG hygiene design, contract manufacturing food supplements and food additives, Germany

Your individual material flow concept

The degree of equipment in a plant is largely determined by the product flow. The material flow concept depends on structural conditions such as the available floor space and the room height. Of course, product properties such as flow behavior and the particle spectrum also play an important role. Toxicological data must also be taken into account. Glatt has a wide variety of designs in its product range, covering almost every application.

Dosing of solid starting materials

When processing solid starting materials, these must be fed continuously and uniformly into the fluid bed or the spouted bed. Glatt offers volumetric and gravimetric solutions for one or more solid feedstocks. We also offer complete solutions starting with delivery of the raw material by truck.

In batch plants, batch changeover times can be significantly reduced when working with multiple material bins. While granulation is taking place in one material hopper, a second is being emptied and cleaned, while a third is being filled with solid feedstock. The batch change is then a simple exchange of the material containers. Alternatively, in vertical product flow, a material hopper can be opened downward and reloaded from above after closing – fully automated, of course.

High yield through optimization of product and process in the screen-grinding circuit.

After processing in the fluid bed or spouted bed, the product is usually screened. In a continuous process, the undersize is returned directly to the process chamber. In batch processes, the undersize can be added to the starting material in the next batch. The oversize can be ground and also returned to the fluid bed. This ensures a high yield – there is virtually no waste.

In spray granulation processes for drying and granulating liquids, the ground oversize material is required as germinating material. This now serves as a template for spraying the liquid feedstock.

The size and type of screen and mill are selected according to our experience.

Screen-grinding cycle with continuous process management


In most cases, the product leaves the fluid bed system or the spouted bed system with the desired residual moisture and temperature. In some cases, post-drying or additional cooling is useful. We also integrate this process step so that you receive a finished product. On request, we also supply customized packaging systems, such as big bag filling, 25 kg bags or bag-in-box systems.

Spray tank and big bag filling station, contract manufacturing, food supplements and ingredients, Germany

Bottom discharge, contract manufacturing, food supplements and ingredients, Germany

Product feed, Glatt ProCell® System 250, EHEDG hygiene design, contract manufacturing of food supplements and food additives, Germany

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