Preparation of Raw Materials and Products at the Glatt Technology Center Weimar

Stirring. Dispersing. Dissolving. Suspending. Homogenizing.

Inline disperser

Jet mixer

Perfect preparation for the success of subsequent processes

Frequently, liquids have to be produced or specially treated. For this purpose, the Technology Center has a wide range of equipment. This includes, for example, various stirring systems, dispersers or homogenizers. Liquid containers of various sizes are available. These can be temperature-controlled so that supersaturated solutions or melts can also be processed. Of course, we respond to your wishes and, if required, establish special solutions or integrate additional equipment.

In addition to the production of raw material solutions, suspensions, emulsions, dispersions or melts as a preliminary stage for further processing in our fluid bed and spouted bed systems, it goes without saying that fine-scale powder systems produced by means of Glatt powder synthesis in a pulsating gas stream can also be converted into liquid product forms (e.g. suspensions).