Special Installations

Technology, Know-how and Plants with Unique Selling Propositions

It is not uncommon for special process or technology requirements to be the motivation for thinking about expanding the applicability of existing solutions or even pursuing completely different and new approaches using our expertise. We are also happy to implement special know-how – for example from partners – in new plants. This results in plant concepts as well as plants in special and customized designs, which are available for application tests, among other things, up to complete special and customized plants on an industrial scale.

Production Plant for
Sodium Cyanide NaCN

Production of non-hazardous NaCN briquettes from hydrocyanic acid with a technology license from DuPont, Wilmington, USA

Fluidized Bed System
made of Glass

Glass version for all parts in contact with the product for processing special materials with the highest demands on the degree of cleanliness

High Temperature
Fluidized Bed Systems

High temperature processing for simultaneous particle formulation and -functionalization at temperatures up to 900°C

Phosphate Fertilizer
from Sewage Sludge Ash

PHOS4green technology for phosphorus recovery from ashes with direct conversion into ready-to-use granules