Designs and Series

Glatt fluid bed and spouted bed systems.

Round or square.

Your product and its optimal manufacturing process decide!

Fluid bed production plant with vacuum operation and solvent recovery at Glatt’s Technology Center in Weimar, Germany

Design depends on the task at hand

The choice of the suitable design depends on the task at hand and the technological framework conditions. In close cooperation between plant manufacturer and user, effective and future-proof fluid bed and spouted bed plants for granulation, coating or other drying tasks can be designed and erected.

Batch dryers are usually characterized by a round design of the fluidized bed. Continuous dryers are typically designed with rectangular elongated trays. The elongated design causes the raw material to flow as uniformly as possible through the apparatus toward the discharge. As a result, the product remains in the process chamber with as narrow a spectrum as possible and is dried uniformly.

Systems with round fluidized beds are primarily used when particularly intensive mixing of the fluidized bed is required. The variety of configurations includes different filter systems, various nozzle and spray systems, flexible solids feeds and product discharges up to classifying discharges for continuous operation.

Glatt fluidized bed and spouted bed granulators and coaters with elongated, rectangular fluidized beds enable targeted material movement through the process chamber. If required, this can be divided into zones. In this way, the particles can be exposed to different process conditions one after the other, enabling several process steps in the same system – e.g. granulation and drying or coating and cooling. And all this with continuous operation.

The ProCell® series combines the innovative spouted bed concept with the flexibility and multi-zone concept of a GF. The main fields of application here are the granulation of fine particles and the processing of temperature- and residence time-sensitive products or even sticky substances.

AGT® series

Circular single-chamber fluid bed system.

Continuous spray granulation and drying of liquids in optimally mixed fluid bed.

Gentle treatment of temperature-sensitive materials. Our circular single-chamber production systems enable the drying of liquid raw materials while simultaneously building up granulates. Direct granulation of highly viscous solutions, suspensions and melts is also possible.

GF series

Rectangular multi-chamber fluid bed system.

Continuous fluid bed granulators and fluid bed coaters. Maximum flexibility with all fluid bed processes in a single unit.

Whether spray granulation and drying or micro-encapsulation of liquids, spray agglomeration of powders or coating of particles – the plug flow through the process chambers allows the combination of the processes as well as the following drying and cooling.

Improve your processes by:

  • flexible adaptation to specific requirements
  • multiple process zones for maximum flexibility
  • top and bottom spray options
  • easy operation
  • higher energy efficiency

ProCell® series

Rectangular multi-chamber spouted bed system.

Continuous spouted bed based processes in patented design for gentle processes with difficult to fluidize products.

The ProCell® series offers the innovative spouted bed concept for processing particularly fine or large and irregular particles as well as temperature- and residence time-sensitive products or even sticky substances.

Whether spray granulation, or micro-encapsulation of liquids – the plug flow through the process chambers allows the combination of processes as well as subsequent drying and cooling.

You benefit:

  • process air volume adjustable according to the energy requirements of the process
  • high process stability due to resistance to stickiness and lump formation
  • short process times with high spraying capacities
  • no sieve bottom
  • highest flow velocity in the center of the spouted bed
  • strong reduction of velocity along the height of the process chamber

WSG / WSGPRO / WSG Combo series

Circular single-chamber fluid bed system.

Fluid bed processes in batch operation: Highest effectiveness for drying and granulating solids in the top spray process with uniform, reproducible quality.

High process efficiency due to extremely fast drying with gentle product handling.

The fluid bed ensures unrivaled fast, gentle and uniform drying. Fluid bed dryers are therefore often used in combination with vertical granulators (wet mixers).
By using a nozzle, the dryer becomes a granulator. Fluid bed granules are very homogeneous. By adjusting various parameters, the type of granules (size, density, porosity) can be controlled over a wide range.

Each WSG provides an optimum ratio of air volume flow to the amount of product used. For spray agglomeration and drying, the cylindrical flash zone is optimal.

For batch sizes from 5 to 1,500 kilograms per batch. Other batch sizes on request.


Circular single-chamber fluid bed system.

Fluid bed processes in batch operation: drying, spray agglomeration, film coating, layering, pelletizing – all in a single plant with maximum flexibility.

From simple drying and agglomeration to pelletizing and sophisticated particle coating. For uniformly shaped products in reproducible quality.

In addition to the WSG, a GPCG offers the possibility of an uninterrupted process due to the double chamber filter system. In addition to the drying or granulating insert, a Glatt HS Wurster insert (bottom spray), a Rotor insert (tangential spray) and a CPS insert are optionally available.
From sophisticated powder coating to simple drying. Whether agglomeration, particle coating or pelletizing. Whether spraying with the nozzle from above (top spray), from below (bottom spray) or from the side (tangential spray): The GPCG masters all major fluid bed processes.

Batch sizes from 5 to 1,500 kilograms per batch. Other batch sizes on request.

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