Glatt spouted bed system of the ProCell® type

ProCell® Series

Continuous spouted bed processes in patented design for gentle processes with difficult to fluidize products.

Our spouted bed systems for processing particularly fine or large and irregular particles as well as temperature-sensitive or even sticky materials.

The ProCell® series combines the innovative spouted bed concept with the flexibility and multi-zone concept of the GF series: rectangular multi-chamber production systems for combining all continuous spouted bed processes while protecting temperature-sensitive materials.

Whether spray granulation, encapsulation of liquids or particle coating – the plug flow through the process chambers allows the combination of the processes as well as the subsequent drying and cooling.

The basis of spouted bed technology is the fluidization of particles by upward flowing process air. Unlike fluidized bed processes, the air does not enter the process chamber through a sieve bottom, but from through longitudinal gaps.

The cross-section of the process chamber is significantly widened above the longitudinal gaps. As a result, the face velocity in the process chamber drops sharply. This results in a directed movement of the particles in the process chamber. Nozzles in the process chamber can spray from top to bottom (top spray) or from bottom to top (bottom spray). Due to the central arrangement of the nozzles, spraying takes place at the point of highest energy input. Compared to the fluidized bed, the same spraying rates can be achieved with about half the layer volume. This halves the residence time.

Of course, all options are available for systems based on Glatt spouted bed technology, as they are for standard fluid bed systems from Glatt. This includes both the design according to the application in the chemical, food, feed or pharmaceutical industries, and the peripheral equipment such as process air conditioning, dust removal, explosion protection, WIP/CIP systems, raw material supply or product handling.

ProCell® system with exchangeable process chambers for maximum flexibility

Interchangeable process chambers make our system an all-rounder for maximum process flexibility for all continuous spouted bed and fluid bed processes.

ProCell® advantages

  • fine products can be fluidized
  • coarse and irregularly shaped products fluidizable
  • gentle drying of temperature-sensitive materials
  • process air volume adjustable according to the energy demand of the process
  • high process stability due to resistance to stickiness and lump formation
  • short process times at high spray rates

ProCell® features

  • no sieve bottom
  • highest flow velocity in the center of the spouted bed
  • strong reduction of velocity along the height of the process chamber

Everything is possible. Tailor-made for your process.

Principle of spouted bed technology in Glatt ProCell® systems

Glatt spouted bed/fluid bed pilot plant ProCell® PilotSystem at the Technology Center Weimar, Germany

Glatt ProCell® System for continuous processes with fluid bed and spouted bed technology, EHEDG – Hygienic Design

Glatt spouted bed/fluid bed pilot plant ProCell® PilotSystem at the Technology Center Weimar: Change of process application

Spouted bed granulator Glatt ProCell® 500, continuous spray granulation and agglomeration, contract manufacturing, ingredients for food, cosmetics and feed, Switzerland

Glatt ProCell®System 250, EHEDG hygiene design, contract manufacturing, food supplements and ingredients, Germany

Glatt spouted bed granulator ProCell® 125, continuous spray granulation, UV stabilizer for polymers, Italy

Here you can find more photos: Installed plants.