Continuous Glatt fluid bed granulator type GFG 750

GF Series

Continuous fluid bed granulators and coaters.

Maximum flexibility with all fluid bed processes in a single apparatus.

Continuous operation of all fluid bed processes and their combinations.

Whether spray granulation or encapsulation of liquids, agglomeration of powders or coating of particles – the plug flow through the process chambers allows the combination of the processes as well as the following drying and cooling. The way you need it.

Glatt fluidized bed granulators GFG with elongated, rectangular fluidized bed enable targeted material movement through the process chamber. This can be divided into zones if required. This makes it possible to introduce process air into the process at different flow rates and different temperatures.

Due to this flexibility and the different arrangement of the nozzles in the process chamber, completely different conditions can be set in different zones of the process chamber. This allows the particles to be selectively exposed to different process conditions one after the other, enabling multiple process steps in the same system – e.g. granulation, drying and cooling. And all this with continuous operation.

Process flexibility thanks to the flexible design

In order to make maximum use of the process technology flexibility of the plants, Glatt has also placed great emphasis on flexibility in the design.
The standard plant consists of the following assemblies: process chamber, internal filter, feed, discharge and spray system. These assemblies can be adapted independently of one another to meet the respective requirements. If required, the filter is replaced by a cover and installed externally. The installation of the nozzles can be designed in such a way that their arrangement can be changed even after the plant has been commissioned. This allows the plant to be quickly and easily adapted to new process requirements and product properties.

Depending on the quality requirements of the end product, Glatt offers two versions:

Chemical standard

  • for mono-production plants or plants where product changeover is possible without hygiene requirements
  • simple design
  • high supply air temperature for high throughput

Food standard

  • for plants with high cleaning requirements, for frequent product changes and increased hygiene requirements
  • high surface quality of all wetted parts
  • low supply air temperatures for temperature sensitive materials

Glatt’s range of products and services for fluid bed plants of the GF seires includes both the design according to the application in the chemical, food, feed or pharmaceutical industries, and the peripheral equipment such as process air conditioningdust removalexplosion protectionWIP/CIP systemsraw material supply or product handling.

Principle of fluid bed technology in a continuous plant of the Glatt GF series

In this diagram, powder is agglomerated above the first two feed air chambers, the agglomerate is dried in the third chamber, and cooled in the fourth. The finished product is discharged at the end of the process chamber.

Continuous Glatt fluid bed granulator type GFG 500

Principle of continuous fluid bed in a round Glatt multi-chamber design

Alternative fluidized bed ring concept

As with horizontal arrangement in rectangular design, several process steps are possible one after the other. The solid feedstock is continuously fed and moves through the plant in a circular pattern. The process area is divided into chambers. The first chambers can be equipped with nozzles for granulation or coating. In the last chamber the product is dried before it leaves the plant.

This means that the fluid bed principle can also be applied in a round plant of the AGT® series.

GF ModFlex concept: Compact. Effective. Modular. Continuous and batch.

With extremely short installation and commissioning times, this compact plant concept, especially for processes with limited process gas volumes, offers exactly the flexibility that manufacturers appreciate. Larger capacities and subsequent expansions are also possible.

The energy-optimized equipment does not require additional air conditioning. The modular system solutions with space-saving filters are particularly suitable for confined spaces, for example also for the replacement of old equipment and production expansions in existing rooms with limited headroom.

The Atex-compliant design, equipped with wash-in-place (WIP) technology, solves two key challenges in the processing of powdery substances: cleaning processes run fully or semi-automatically, saving time, and explosive dusts can be processed safely.

Commissioning after only a short installation time is feasible because the modules are already pre-assembled. They are simply connected on site and production can start.

Continuous Glatt fluid bed granulator with GF ModFlex concept

Improve your processes through:

  • flexible adaptation to specific requirements
  • multiple process zones for maximum flexibility
  • top and buttom spray options
  • easy operation
  • higher energy efficiency

Benefit from:

  • various capacities
  • low investment costs
  • low operating costs
  • minimized installation space
  • fastest installation time
  • high energy efficiency

Enjoy maximum flexibility with clever Glatt design:

  • reduction of overall dimensions
  • separation into production and technical areas (integrated zoning)
  • hygienic design
  • WIP (Wash-in-Place) for the Glatt fluid bed system
  • Ex-Design St 1
  • GlattView Varia/Varia+ process control system
  • easy and safe filter change
  • high filter efficiency and long filter service life

Glatt fluid bed granulator GFG 1000, continuous spray granulation, silicate glass, Belgium

Glatt fluid bed granulator GFG 750, continuous spray granulation of sweeteners, USA

Glatt fluid bed coater GFC 2200, continuous coating of additives, Scadinavia

Glatt fluid bed granulator GFG 750, continuous spray granulation, phosphonates, India

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