Our Services at the Glatt Technology Center in Weimar

Hand in hand with you for the design and processing of your powders and granules of tomorrow.

Communication is essential

Instant products, spices, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives, enzymes, stabilizers, texturizers, vitamins, microorganisms, essential oils, salts, bleaching agents, battery materials, ceramic or catalytic powders, pigments, polymers, diamonds for tool coatings and many others – the applications are as diverse as the tasks.

If you want to turn a product idea into reality, you often need the support of people who have the knowledge, the technologies and the plant engineering to realize your vision. We would like to be that partner! Explain to us as early as possible the characteristics of your raw materials and which properties are on the wish list for your end product. Safety-related framework conditions such as product safety, personal and explosion protection are just as important in this early project phase as the plans for the subsequent production regime, product changeover frequency, product quantities, cost framework or location. Do special manufacturing documents need to be considered? Is there a need for qualification services?

Detailed and standardized questionnaires support this process, because the answers to all these questions are essential for optimally aligning the experimental studies with the subsequent production requirements.

Transparency is paramount

The experiments are carried out by Glatt’s own team of process engineers specialized in the respective technologies. In the laboratory, the samples produced are examined in detail while the tests are still being carried out so that conclusions can be drawn about ongoing development work if necessary. Your participation in the tests is not only possible, but also expressly desired! Depending on the intermediate results, you will thus have a direct influence on the course of the experiments. All tests are documented in detail and made available as a report. Thus, you always have full transparency.