Core-Shell Coating

Encapsulation and functionalization of micro- and nanopowders by drying, coating and calcination in one step

Protective coating and new functions for micro- and nanopowders

More long-term stability for battery materials through clever coating of anode/cathode material. Unique new optical effects and maximum protection for your paint and varnish pigments. Reduced material usage in your catalytically active powders. You can achieve these and other goals with core-shell coatings using Glatt powder synthesis in a pulsating gas stream. From nano to micro: drying, coating and calcination take place in just one step.

Thanks to the particularly homogeneous thermal treatment at up to 1,300°C, ultrafine powders produced in this way are without hotspots, easily dispersible and without undesirable hard aggregates. Benefit from very high heat and mass transfer rates in the reactor and from being able to specifically determine the layer thickness, porosity and activity profiles of your powder particles.

You have full flexibility in the choice of core material and in the chemical composition of the coating. The good scalability of the process allows coating of mirco- and nanopowders from laboratory scale to industrial production.

Core shell coting is performed in our pulsation reactors in continuous mode.

Product properties of powder particles from core-shell coating processes using Glatt powder synthesis in a pulsating gas stream at a glance:

Catalytic Powder
with Excellent
Activity Profiles

Battery Materials
with Protection from Reaction
with Electrolytes

Micro and Nano Powders
with Good

Powder Coatings
with Highest
Degree of Purity

Reduced Material Use
due to Homogeneous,
Thin Layers

Micro and Nano Powder
Hard Aggregates

Core-shell particles are produced from suspensions using Glatt powder synthesis. The undissolved phase forms the core material and thus defines the particle size of the final product. The shell material is present in dissolved form. The adjustable ratio between solid and solution determines the layer thickness.

The suspension is introduced into the pulsating gas stream. Controlled atomization followed by secondary atomization produces very fine droplets. The solution wets the particle surfaces and dries extremely quickly due to the high heat and mass transfer rates. If necessary, the temperature can then be increased further.

The core-shell coating process in detail

Suspensions are sprayed during coating. The coating material is dissolved and dried onto the core material and is subsequently thermally treated, i.e. calcinated.

  1. The spraying of fine droplets of a raw material suspension into the gas stream.
  2. The pulsating gas flow breaks these down into even smaller droplets
  3. The solvent starts to evaporate and wets the particles
  4. Coated powder particles are formed by evaporation of the solvent
  5. Optionally, the powder can be thermally posttreated (e.g. calcined) if the temperature is controlled appropriately.

Core-shell coating product example

Coated cathode material for increased long-term stability, Li3PO4-Coating coating on NMC 622

Glatt powder synthesis to develop and produce your specific high performance powder materials


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From the product idea to production

In our Glatt Technology Center, we provide you with access to sophisticated technologies and support in formulation, product and process development, tailored to your individual requirements. The process always starts with tests on a laboratory system. The in-house analytics laboratory enables in-process analyses to adapt particle properties to the respective application. For reliable scale-up, process and operating parameters are determined on pilot plants. Through contract manufacturing at Glatt, your new powders, pellets or granules can be manufactured, filled, packaged and delivered directly in agreed quantities. As a plant manufacturer, Glatt provides all services from project initiation, development and realization through to turnkey production in your own plant.

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