Consulting on Investment Planning

You benefit from solutions with a view to the big picture!

External competence as an important success factor for your investment

An investment in new production equipment requires extensive expertise and human resources. With increasing competition, however, producers today are required to focus more and more on their core competencies. The early use of external expertise and resources is therefore an important success factor for your investment project.

Take advantage of our extensive expertise and benefit from comprehensive consulting and planning for your project!

Project development

The general conditions of projects are diverse and complex: They include markets, products, technologies, licenses, locations, planning partners, structures, budgets, financing and more. We include all factors in project development and advise you as an independent, neutral partner.

For the development of your industrial projects you need data, analyses and concepts as a basis for your decisions. We advise you on the basis of neutral facts and develop the optimal concept for your requirements. Our engineering is technologically oriented and therefore not bound to specific manufacturers or processes. You benefit from solutions with an eye for the big picture.

Technological competence

With us, you experience technological competence as early as the feasibility trials with regard to equipping your product with the desired product properties – in other words, right at the start of your project.

For process development, you can rely on the many years of competence and extensive experience of our process engineers. They have already proven their theoretical knowledge many times over and implemented it with the practical experience gained from a large number of projects on different substances and substance systems. The wide variety of additives and end products is used in almost all powder processing industries such as food and feed, chemicals, fine chemicals, agrochemicals, biotechnology or related industries.

Your advantage: You avoid unnecessarily long development times and detours in process optimization. We do not offer tests as an end in itself, but tell you whether we are confident to implement your task or not.

We work with modern tools in analytics, process simulation (for example ChemCad) as well as intelligent CAD-supported planning software and databases. Thus, we have a powerful portfolio at our disposal, which ensures all requirements for economic efficiency and sustainable solutions for energy efficiency and other aspects in your project.

Feasibility studies

Everything is feasible! But under which conditions and with which result? Whether greenfield, brownfield, reconstruction, production relocation or capacity expansion – an in-depth expert examination of the concrete conditions for your project effectively and inexpensively minimizes your risk. You always stay on the safe side.

Our expertise in conducting feasibility studies is highly valued by our customers and they are happy to make use of it. Benefit from our technological know-how as a leading manufacturer of production equipment for the pharmaceutical industry as well as from our regional competence in various growth markets.

Process and building energy optimization

As part of our projects, we examine your facilities specifically for potential savings. The analyses result in holistic scenarios for optimizing energy consumption. Savings of resources and energy costs are the result of measures with manageable effort.

These can result, for example, from various energy recovery measures:

  • by extracting unused process heat for heating or cooling buildings
  • energetic evaluation of production processes, of supply systems, building services, auxiliary systems, electrical systems

Due Diligence

We examine your property or object project with regard to its technological, ecological, supply and licensing suitability. Our expertise provides you with a precise description of the condition of your property or object according to previously agreed inspection points. We provide assessments of the risk potential or indications of additional examination requirements, for example, with regard to legal or supply security.


The essence of any production process is its technologies. In the event that your own or Glatt brand technologies are not exclusively used, we will – wherever possible – procure the technologies required for your process from suitable experts and licensors.

We select the appropriate licensor or know-how provider together with you on the basis of objective parameters such as technical performance data, references, cost-effectiveness or environmental compatibility.

As the sole contractual partner, we assume responsibility for the professional implementation of the technological know-how supplied. So that your processes work the way you want them to.