Laboratory Systems at the Glatt Technology Center Weimar

Lab scale for calcination, drying, granulation, micro-encapsulation, coating, and …

Mobile Glatt fluid bed/spouted bed laboratory unit ProCell® LabSystem at the Glatt Technology Center in Weimar, Germany

Develop the optimal manufacturing process for your product with us!

With product quantities ranging from a few grams to a few kilograms, we conduct feasibility tests on a small scale. At multifunctional laboratory facilities, we develop new product forms or optimize the properties and manufacturing processes of already established products in experimental trials. Efficient and precisely tailored to your individual requirements.

The modular design of our laboratory systems enables us to respond quickly and effectively to changing requirements. Run the processes continuously or in batches! Test different spray systems or various options for exhaust air purification. Processing of solvents is possible as well as all St-1 / St-2 dusts. Flexible additional equipment allows you to individually expand your specific field of application.

You prefer to experiment in your own production environment? No problem! All our fluid bed and spouted bed laboratory systems are mobile and can also be rented from us.

Mini-Glatt for fluid bed processes

Our classics for all batch fluid bed processes.
Test agglomeration, drying and coating processes in top spray, bottom spray and Wurster processes! According to your needs.

Mobile Glatt fluid bed laboratory unit Mini/Midi-Glatt at the Glatt Technology Center in Weimar, Germany

  • interface for connection of an external data recorder
  • interchangeable work towers
  • Mini-Glatt for batch sizes from 200 ml
  • Mini-Glatt with retrofittable Micro-Kit for batch sizes from 5 to 100 ml
  • Midi-Glatt for batch sizes from 580 to 2,320 ml
  • fluidization by compressed air or nitrogen
  • integrated metal cartridge filter
  • suitable for working with solvents

Glatt ProCell® LabSystem

Six modular all-rounder systems are available for feasibility trials with your product. For all process options, whether fluid bed, spouted bed or rotor processes like spray granulation, microencapsulation, spray agglomeration, film coating, hotmelt coating or powder layering. For continuous or batch-controlled operation, with top spray, bottom spray, tangential spray and Wurster processes.

Process inserts: (1) ProCell® 5, (3) AGT 2, (4) GF 5, (5) Vario 3, (6) Vario 7, (7) Rotor 7

You have maximum flexibility!

Mobile Glatt fluid bed/spouted bed laboratory unit ProCell® LabSystem at the Glatt Technology Center in Weimar, Germany, with six modular all-rounder systems

  • fresh air/exhaust air operation
  • closed-loop operation: air or nitrogen
  • processing of all St-1 / St-2 dusts
  • processing of solvents
  • solvent recovery
  • WIP version
  • PRO version (explosion-proof)
  • melt spray system
  • 3-substance nozzles
  • supply air dehumidification
  • internal cartridge or bag filter
  • external cyclone + dust recirculation
  • external cartridge filter
  • continuous solids discharge
  • zig-zag classifier for classifying, continuous product discharge
  • recipe control
  • sata storage
  • Siemens S7 control
  • visualization: Win CC

Glatt high-temperature fluid bed system

In order to be able to meet the increasing demand for fluid bed systems for processes with significantly higher temperature spectra, the Glatt Technology Center in Weimar is equipped with a high-temperature fluid bed system that can process powders at temperatures of up to 900°C. Granulation and thermal treatment of the powders can be carried out either simultaneously or sequentially, as required.

High-temperature fluid bed system at the Glatt Technology Center in Weimar, Germany

  • fresh air/exhaust air operation
  • process gas heater outlet temperature up to 900°C
  • inlet air dehumidification
  • top & bottom spray
  • external cyclone for hot gas separation
  • external filter for cold separation
  • inert gas operation without cycle mode
  • batch or continuous operation
  • continuous solids discharge
  • continuous, classifying product discharge by means of pipe classifier
  • data storage

Glatt ProAPP® powder synthesis reactors

Laboratory scale for feasibility studies, verification of material and process ideas, initial samples and test batches

Two ProAPP® synthesis reactors are available for customer trials on a laboratory scale at our Glatt Technology Center in Weimar. Find out how spray drying, spray calcination and core-shell coating based on Glatt powder synthesis can endow your nanopowders and micropowders with new properties. Take advantage of the expertise of our process engineers for feasibility studies, the verification of material and/or process ideas and for the production of initial samples and test batches.

These plants with reactor diameters of 80 mm and 100 mm allow the production of 100 to 500 grams of powder per hour, depending on the raw materials used, and are therefore also ideally suited for university and industrial research facilities that want to develop a large number of novel product variants in a short time.

  • heating capacity: 40 kW or 80 kW
  • treatment temperature: room temperature up to 900 °C resp. 1,300 °C
  • pulsation parameters: 0 to 320 Hz, 0 to 50 mbar
  • dwell time: 0.1 to 2 s
  • capacity: 100 to 500 g/h
  • versions: oxidized or inert atmosphere

Glatt synthesis reactors ProAPP® 100

This laboratory unit has a 100 mm reactor tube. By using a pulsator with downstream electric heater, process gas temperatures from room temperature up to 900 °C are possible. Short set-up and heat-up times make this system the ideal tool for synthesis and coating tasks at process temperatures up to about 750°C.

Product separation is performed by filters, but small amounts of product can be removed during operation, e.g. for chemical or morphological analysis, by means of a sampler. In addition, the modular design allows customer-specific requirements to be realized, e.g. with regard to particle separation.

Glatt synthesis reactor ProAPP® 100 at the Glatt Technology Center in Weimar, Germany

Glatt synthesis reactor ProAPP® 80 HT at the Glatt Technology Center in Weimar, Germany

Glatt ProAPP® 80 HT synthesis reactors

The latest system at the Weimar Technical Center has a reactor with a diameter of 80 mm. Just as with the ProAPP® 100, the process gas is first preheated up to 900 °C. This allows the process gas to be sprayed into the reactor. While in the other system the process temperature drops after spraying due to evaporation and heat conduction, in the ProAPP® 80 HT the gas can be tempered over its entire length via sequentially switched and individually controllable heating elements. This makes it possible to keep the temperature constant despite evaporation or to increase it up to 1300°C.

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