Wurster tubes of a Glatt fluid bed coater

Fluid Bed Systems and Spouted Bed Systems

Process technology from the pioneer of fluid bed technology

Glatt and fluid bed technology are inseparably linked. Our heart beats for the fluid bed. Glatt has played a decisive role in its worldwide distribution and development over the past decades. Drying, granulating and coating are carried out in Glatt plants in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and feed industries as well as in the ceramics and cosmetics industries all over the world.

As a pioneer in fluid bed technology, we offer our customers a wide range of fluid bed systems for all industries that work with free-flowing bulk materials. From laboratory and pilot plants to complex systems for production. Whether in batch or continuous operation, our laboratory systems are capable of processing product quantities as small as a few grams – the capacities of our production systems are several tons.

Plants based on spouted bed technology have a patented apparatus geometry. The adjustable energy input enables very economical processes with even higher heat and mass transfer rates. You benefit from the possibility to process particles that are difficult to fluidize.

Granulators, coaters and dryers. Round or rectangular design. Safe. Clean. Hygienic. Perfectly controlled.

The development of the fluid bed is unique. Initially used as a simple but highly effective dryer, fluid bed systems quickly evolved into granulators and coaters with the use of spray nozzles.

In parallel with the development of various processes, Glatt fluid bed systems also meet demanding requirements in terms of explosion protection, hygienic design and cleanability. In doing so, we design our multi-talents for granulation, coating and drying specifically according to your requirements. Customized Glatt control systems with simple, intuitive operator guidance make your processes visible, integrate your IT systems and also support you remotely.

Glatt masters a uniquely broad portfolio of different system concepts for implementing product ideas with very different requirements. Batch or continuous operation, single or multi-stage process control, vertical or horizontal material flow. These versatile options allow us to take an open-ended approach to process development and plant engineering together with you. Each plant series has been developed for specific application areas, thus enabling you to realize your product developments.

And if the standards for geometry and process technology cannot meet our customers’ expectations, special adaptations in process engineering and design are sometimes necessary. This approach leads us to break completely new ground together with our customers, resulting in special plants that have never been thought of or designed in this way before.

Fluid bed dryers

Classical fluid bed dryers are used wherever the moist raw material is free-flowing, for example in products from centrifuges, filters, crystallizers or spray dryers. In these cases, the raw materials are “only” adjusted to the required final moisture content during fluid bed drying. The intensive process control in the fluidized bed is ideally suited for carrying out heat and mass transfer processes, such as drying.

Fluid bed granulators

Intelligent spray systems have turned dryers into efficient granulators. For example, the bulk solids and all powder processing industries have relied on fluid bed granulators for over fifty years to produce particles with defined flowability, solubility, tabletability and storage stability. Particle size, bulk density and residual moisture can also be adjusted. The starting materials are available in solid and/or liquid form. The final product spectrum ranges from loose, porous agglomerates to compact, abrasion-resistant granules.

Fluid bed coaters

Whether film coating, lipid coating or hot melt coating, whether in the top spray, bottom spray or Wurster process – in all coating processes, it is always a matter of spraying the particles as uniformly as possible. A cleverly thought-out, special process chamber design in conjunction with high-quality spray systems makes this possible, whether with round or rectangular apparatus geometry, also divided into several zones or chambers if required.

Effective with guarantee.

Glatt guarantees process parameters and product properties such as capacity, particle size or bulk density to ensure the cost-effectiveness of your plant and reproducible quality.

Benefit from optimum processes for the production of high-quality granules and pellets, structured and functionalized to customer specifications on request.

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