Product and Process Development at the Glatt Technology Center Weimar

Your product and its manufacturing process are developed and tested step by step on a laboratory scale.

Benefit from our experience to develop and optimize your products!

Do you only have a rough idea for a product, no proven formulation or are you looking for alternative raw materials and ingredients such as binders or coating fluids? Alternatively, you have a proven formulation and are looking for the optimal process to generate application data?

Glatt can support you in implementing a wide variety of tasks for developing or optimizing your products. In this way, we combine possible adaptations of material properties with the advantages of the processes and technologies available for this purpose. In feasibility studies or test series on our laboratory equipment, we check the technical feasibility of your product idea and determine the process-specific requirements.

We develop for you a functioning symbiosis between product properties and application possibilities. For this purpose, our technology center with its entire process engineering expertise is at your disposal.

In addition, we pursue further goals for future application potential for particle design in our own development and R&D projects. We are also at your side as a partner for contract developments for customer- and application-specific products and processes.

With the possibilities for process optimization and scale-up we offer a unique development platform and infrastructure up to production readiness.

Use all potentials to realize your product ideas with us!