Physical fertilizer quality

Workshops highlighted parameters of fertilizers and fertilizer mixtures – App supports farmers in their work. The Federal Association of Fertilizer Mixers (BVDM) recently held workshops with Deula Nienburg in Volkach, Lower Franconia, and with Amazone in Hasbergen-Gaste near Osnabrück. For one day each, the focus was on optimizing the physical quality of fertilizers and fertilizer mixtures.

Spray drying versus spray granulation

Desired product properties make the difference. If liquid starting products are to be converted into bulk materials, both the spray drying and fluidized bed spray granulation processes are used. The choice of the optimum technology depends on which particle properties need to be set to enable the specific applications.

BioCampus MultiPilot plant as a catalyst for industrial biotechnology

13.12.2023 – Industrial biotechnology is one of the key technologies for the transformation of the economy towards greater sustainability. In recent years, there have been increasing calls from research and industry for more capacity to scale up new processes. Thomas Luck, Director Business Development, MultiPilot Plant, BioCampus Straubing (German Article)

Quick convenience for the “on-the-go” generation by powder agglomeration

Instant shakes are extremely popular and a perfect complement to our fast-paced lifestyles: just add liquid to powder, shake and go. Ensuring rapid dissolution, however is key … and agglomeration offers a successful way to process soluble powders when they need to dissolve quickly and completely in warm or cold liquids. Combining the highest product quality with maximum user-friendliness, fluidised bed technology provides manufacturers with the levels of control and optimisation options they need, putting convenience into the production process too!

Exploring new ways to produce cosmetic pigments – Interview with Merck and Glatt about the cooperation and the project

Using completely new technology, pigment specialists at Merck and Glatt Ingenieurtechnik’s technology and production experts have worked closely together to produce an innovative range of cosmetic pigments. The Darmstadt-based Merck Group placed an order for the development and construction of a plant based on chemical vapour deposition (CVD) after successful joint trials at Glatt’s location in Weimar. We interview the partner companies about the cooperation and the project.

Plant safety from the operator’s point of view

Plant operators in bulk solids processing industries benefit when plant engineers like Glatt Ingenieurtechnik not only develop and build the plants, but also operate them themselves. Contract manufacturing for customers trains the eye for the requirements, duties and challenges of the operator side. Product safety, fire and explosion protection, plant and operator safety as well as environmental aspects are automatically more clearly in focus. Based on its own practical experience, Glatt is far more committed to safety aspects than required by law. (Article in German language)

Sewage sludge: pollutant and raw material source at the same time

The fact that phosphorus is filtered out during wastewater treatment because of its serious consequences for the aquatic ecosystem in turn makes sewage sludge an important source of raw materials. It is this ambivalence of pollutant and raw material source that has led to thinking about alternative disposal methods. One such is sewage sludge mono-incineration. (Article in German language)

Glatt and Merck start up novel plant for the production of effect pigments

In the future, anyone applying lipstick, nail polish or eye liner from well-known international brands will have a good chance of defining their complexion with pigments from the city of culture. On Friday, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik and the Merck Group commissioned a completely new type of plant for the production of effect pigments for the cosmetics industry at the Glatt Technology Center in the north of Weimar. (Article in German language)

Powder synthesis – Particle design optimizes battery materials

Glatt powder synthesis offers a versatile tool for the development and industrial production of innovative battery materials. The highly flexible technology opens up the possibility of producing and refining anode and cathode materials as well as solid electrolytes in just one step. The key to the effectiveness of this process is the special conditions in the pulsating hot gas flow.

With short time-to-market from process development directly to contract manufacturing

The Glatt Group’s customers benefit from bundled expertise in particle design – from the initial feasibility trial, through scale-up, to validation of the production process. Glatt offers suitable solutions for every variant and, if required, also implements customer-specific processes. In this way, new products move more quickly from the development phase to market maturity. (German article)