Plant safety from the operator’s point of view (German article)

For the safe operation of process plants, plant engineers can do more than their duty

Plant operators in bulk solids processing industries benefit when plant engineers like Glatt Ingenieurtechnik not only develop and build the plants, but also operate them themselves. Contract manufacturing for customers trains the eye for the requirements, duties and challenges of the operator side. Product safety, fire and explosion protection, plant and operator safety as well as environmental aspects are automatically more clearly in focus. Based on its own practical experience, Glatt is far more committed to safety aspects than required by law. (Article in German language)

  • authors: Frank Ohlendorf, Head of Business Support; Gerald Beck, Senior Project Manager; Sören Albers, Head of Contract Manufacturing;
    Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, Bereich Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals
  • originally published in the magazine CITplus, issue 9/2023, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA

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