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Meet the Glatt team at Vitafoods Europe 2024 in Geneva at stand L 173

From the idea to market with functional granules. With a short time-to-market from product and process development directly to contract manufacturing or your own production plant Benefit from bundled expertise in particle design – from the first feasibility test to scale-up, masterbatch and validation of the production process. Glatt offers suitable solutions for almost every requirement. With Glatt process technologies, you can optimize and functionalize your products of tomorrow today! Visit us at stand L173.

BioCampus MultiPilot plant as a catalyst for industrial biotechnology

13.12.2023 – Industrial biotechnology is one of the key technologies for the transformation of the economy towards greater sustainability. In recent years, there have been increasing calls from research and industry for more capacity to scale up new processes. Thomas Luck, Director Business Development, MultiPilot Plant, BioCampus Straubing (German Article)

Phosphorus recovery by Glatt PHOS4green at CRU Phosphates 2024 at stand 36

With PHOS4green, we have developed an innovative patent-protected technology to recover the essential nutrient phosphorus from sewage sludge ashes and use it for new phosphate or compound fertilizers. Recovery of phosphorus from ashes. Direct conversion into fertiliser granules. Heavy metal depletion. Meet us at the CRU Phoaphates 26-28 February 2024 in Warsaw, Poland at stand 36 and learn more about our proven technology.

Glatt wins follow-up order for BioCampus MultiPilot in the port of Straubing-Sand

Straubing/Germany, December 2023 – Weimar based Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH will be responsible for the Detail engineering and delivery of integrated process technology for the multipurpose BioCampus MultiPilot (BMP) demonstration facility in the port of Straubing-Sand. The flexible platform, to be used to scale-up and commercialise innovative biotech processes and sustainable products, will enable start-ups, research groups and industrial companies to further develop, test scale up and optimise their biotechnological processes to pre-industrial scale, validate their economic viability and produce material samples.

Meet the Glatt Experts @ SEPAWA Congress ● Stand E723 ● October 25-27, 2023 ● Berlin ● Germany

Learn more about the the interrelationships of influencing factors in the formulation of sustainable homecare products. Meet the Glatt experts and figure out the potential of different technologies in terms of product structures and application properties. Check out the process options of fluid bed and spouted bed technology for value-adding product forms at the annual SEPAWA Congress round about the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and fragrance industry in Europe.

Safety concepts. Heat recovery. Environmental compatibility. Meet the Glatt experts at Powtech 2023. Booth 2-216

Glatt will be presenting cutting-edge safety concepts that go far beyond current legal requirements. As a plant manufacturer and operator, Glatt combines professional engineering with extensive technological know-how from its own practical experience. Visitors to the stand can discover which comprehensive concepts and innovations Glatt has developed and how they pay off in terms of product quality, fire/explosion protection, operational safety, heat recovery and environmental compatibility.

Glatt. Meet the Experts @ 4G127 ● Fi Food Ingredients Europe ● 6-8 Dec 2022 ● Paris ● France

Glatt fluidized bed technologies for sophisticated product design: Added-value ingredients require gentle processes and sustainable packaging. At Fi Europe, particle design, process development and plant engineering specialist Glatt will present innovative solutions to meet these needs.

Glatt and IE Group commissioned to plan the world’s first integrated precision and mycelium fermentation protein plant

Planetary’s production facility is designed to be a first of its kind multi-product microbial fermentation facility, able to produce precision fermented compounds, such as proteins and lipids, as well as biomass from mycelium on a commercial scale. Glatt Ingenieurtechnik will plan the process technology systems, including media supply, process control and automation, as well as the safety technology.

Powder expertise for demanding tasks – Targeted plant modifications for fluid bed processes

The fluid bed is a technology that, with the right modifications, can be used for a variety of different processes. With the right expertise, individual process steps such as drying, granulation and agglomeration can be combined. (German article by Monika Goslinska, Process Development Manager, Inprotec)

Meet the Glatt Experts @ SEPAWA Congress ● Stand E723 ● October 26-28, 2022 ● Berlin ● Germany

Meet the Glatt experts and learn how Glatt technologies can improve the performance of your ingredients. Check out the process options of fluid bed and spouted bed technology for value-adding product forms at the annual SEPAWA Congress round about the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and fragrance industry in Europe.