Powder expertise for demanding tasks – Targeted plant modifications for fluid bed processes

The fluid bed is a technology that, with the right modifications, can be used for a variety of different processes. With the right expertise, individual process steps such as drying, granulation and agglomeration can be combined.

Drying processes generally describe processes for removing water or another liquid. However, exactly how the liquid is removed from a moist bulk material or a solution or suspension loaded with solids is an open question. Powder manufacturers have numerous methods at their disposal to remove the liquid from a product.

Fluid bed systems are flexible and allow processes such as agglomeration, coating, encapsulation, spray stiffening or spray drying to be carried out. Targeted modification of existing plants often enables successful process design and optimization at lower investment costs. (Article in German language)

  • Author: Monika Goslinska, Process Development Manager, Inprotec
  • originally published in the magazine ‘Chemie Technik’, issue 09/2022, Hüthig GmbH
  • online at chemietechnik.de

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