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Glatt Particle Design for Food Ingredients at the FI Europe 28.-30.11.2023 in Frankfurt

We explain how flexible fluidized bed processes can realize your product ideas. Particle size and particle structure can be specifically adjusted. This gives you a direct influence on characteristics such as bulk density, solubility, dispersibility, release behavior and flowability. Improved dosing and storage stability extend the range of applications for the subsequent processing of your optimized ingredients. Fluid bed spray granulation for highly soluble protein granules with improved sinking behavior. Fluidized bed coating enables tailor-made encapsulation of spherical and irregular particles.

Exploring new ways to produce cosmetic pigments – Interview with Merck and Glatt about the cooperation and the project

Using completely new technology, pigment specialists at Merck and Glatt Ingenieurtechnik’s technology and production experts have worked closely together to produce an innovative range of cosmetic pigments. The Darmstadt-based Merck Group placed an order for the development and construction of a plant based on chemical vapour deposition (CVD) after successful joint trials at Glatt’s location in Weimar. We interview the partner companies about the cooperation and the project.

Plant safety from the operator’s point of view

Plant operators in bulk solids processing industries benefit when plant engineers like Glatt Ingenieurtechnik not only develop and build the plants, but also operate them themselves. Contract manufacturing for customers trains the eye for the requirements, duties and challenges of the operator side. Product safety, fire and explosion protection, plant and operator safety as well as environmental aspects are automatically more clearly in focus. Based on its own practical experience, Glatt is far more committed to safety aspects than required by law. (Article in German language)

Meet the Glatt experts at 15th University Course Fluidization Technology

Dr. Michael Jacob, Head of the Process Engineering Department at Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, will give a lecture on “Vacuum drying in fluidized beds”. This will be part of the 4-day program around fundamentals and applications in drying, granulation and agglomeration.

Meet the Glatt Experts @ SEPAWA Congress ● Stand E723 ● October 25-27, 2023 ● Berlin ● Germany

Learn more about the the interrelationships of influencing factors in the formulation of sustainable homecare products. Meet the Glatt experts and figure out the potential of different technologies in terms of product structures and application properties. Check out the process options of fluid bed and spouted bed technology for value-adding product forms at the annual SEPAWA Congress round about the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and fragrance industry in Europe.

Safety concepts. Heat recovery. Environmental compatibility. Meet the Glatt experts at Powtech 2023. Booth 2-216

Glatt will be presenting cutting-edge safety concepts that go far beyond current legal requirements. As a plant manufacturer and operator, Glatt combines professional engineering with extensive technological know-how from its own practical experience. Visitors to the stand can discover which comprehensive concepts and innovations Glatt has developed and how they pay off in terms of product quality, fire/explosion protection, operational safety, heat recovery and environmental compatibility.

Meet the Glatt Experts at Alimentaria Foodtech from 26-29 September 2023 – Barcelona at booth E563

Transform poorly free-flowing powders into dust-free, easy-flowing granules! Adjust the solubility of your instant products! Increase the bioavailability of active ingredients. Stabilize oxidation-sensitive and volatile substances. Encapsulate your additives for better transportability and storability with clever particle coatings! Discover fluid bed or spouted bed processes!

Glatt Particle Design for Additives and Fillers at ECS 2023 – Booth 3-732

The product requirements of paints and coatings are versatile, but the properties of commercially available fillers or additives are often not. Glatt experts will explain how this gap can be closed with optimised powders and particles. As a leading company for powder synthesis, fluid bed and spouted bed technology, Glatt will provide insights into successful customer projects for particle design, process planning and plant engineering at booth 3-732.

Glatt Particle Design from NANO to MACRO at SOLIDS 2023 – Booth H04-5

As a leader in fluid bed technology and powder synthesis with its own Technology Center in Weimar, Germany, Glatt will highlight integrated concepts in the areas of particle design, process know-how and plant engineering. Glatt experts will be happy to discuss a wide range of topics — from product idea to the industrial manufacture of products and ingredients — in the bulk solids processing industries. Meet our experts at booth H04-5.

With short time-to-market from process development directly to contract manufacturing

The Glatt Group’s customers benefit from bundled expertise in particle design – from the initial feasibility trial, through scale-up, to validation of the production process. Glatt offers suitable solutions for every variant and, if required, also implements customer-specific processes. In this way, new products move more quickly from the development phase to market maturity. (German article)