Meet the Glatt experts at the 24th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

May 2-5, 2022, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Save the date for the Glatt presentation on “Trends and challenges in fluid bed encapsulation processes”

Find out more about how Glatt, as a plant manufacturer and expert in technologies and processes for particle design, is meeting the current requirements from the powder processing industry.

At the Glatt Table-Top as well as in their presentation on “Trends and challenges in fluid bed encapsulation processes“, Katja Oppermann, Process Engineer / Head of Application and Formulation Technology, and Didier Schons, Team Leader Sales Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals, both Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, will explain which options are opened up by adapted technological concepts. For example, food customers can benefit from a hot melt coating solution for several 100 kg per batch of product. New challenges, for example in the production of fertilizers, can be mastered with integrated concepts for continuous processes. The focus here is increasingly on efficient and safe solutions for solvent processing.

For all tasks and questions, customers are accompanied by Glatt all the way – from the product idea and feasibility tests in the laboratory of the Technology Center, through safe scale-up, to the planning, realization and commissioning of a customized production plant.

More information about the 24th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention, organized by the The Bioencapsulation Research Group and the University Medical Center Groningen.