Glatt PHOS4green Experts at the German Phosphorus Platform 2021

Under the topic “Phosphorus Recyclates – Not for the garbage can!?” this year’s forum event took place in Frankfurt am Main on September 9, 2021.

Phosphorus recyclates are gradually coming into practice, but they have not yet fully arrived on the market. And even though the recycling of phosphorus is becoming more and more important – how does this affect the market opportunities for recyclates?

The FORUM 2021 highlighted the most important fields of the current discussion. Representatives of technical solutions reported on how the large-scale implementation of phosphorus recycling started in 2021. The implementation perspectives in municipal, regional and supraregional clusters were also looked at in more detail. What are the advantages and disadvantages of local networking?

In order to enter the market, current knowledge on the impact of phosphorus recyclates is relevant. In addition to a report on results of a comparative planting trial, the effects of pollutants were considered along with the effectiveness of recyclates.

Finally, current developments in the legal and qualitative requirements for phosphorus recyclates were in focus. In addition to a status report on the legal framework at the EU level, such as the amendments to the EU Fertilizer Regulation, the end of waste status in particular was examined in more detail.

The experts of Glatt PHOS4green thank you for the interest in the presentation of Jan Kirchhof, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik and Henning Schmidt, Seraplant on phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ash and its conversion into ready-to-use standard fertilizers.

You can find out more about the German Phosphorus Platform here.