Animal feed production: food trends as a reflection

Food megatrends such as healthy nutrition, natural raw materials and sustainable sourcing are becoming increasingly important for another major target group: animals. Even before the pandemic, the market for high-quality pet food was booming, and the feed market is undergoing a repositioning. Ingredients specialists are using their expertise to drive these industries forward.

Vitamins or probiotics, enzymes, yeasts, essential oils, proteins or microorganisms need to be optimized and adapted for industrial processes, storage and feeding conditions, and digestion processes. Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, a leading global plant manufacturer and process expert, offers feed producers process development, technology and plant expertise from a single source. (Article in German language)

  • Author: Marion Mann, akp public relations
  • published in the magazine of the German Food Society ‘DLG Lebensmittel’, issue 06/2021 , DLG-Verlag GmbH

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