4th International Food and Nutritional Ingredients, Raw Materials and Technologies Exhibition

25-27 May 2022 at Istanbul Expo Center, Hall 10.

Meet the Glatt experts at the booth D201

Instant products with perfect solubility? Stabilize probiotics? Increasing the bioavailability of active ingredients? Or do you want to improve the bulk density of your products to reduce packaging and thus optimize transport and storage? This and many other benefits for your ingredients become possible with processes based on Glatt spouted bed and fluid bed technology.

Are you curious how this works? Visit us at Food and Nutritional Ingredients from May 25-27, 2022 at the Istanbul Expo Center.

You will find the Glatt experts for particle design, process technology and plant engineering in hall 10 at booth D201.

We look forward to showing you how solid and liquid raw materials can be turned into dust-free, easy-flowing granules and pellets that can be precisely dosed and safely handled. Particle coatings and microencapsulations guarantee the protection of bulk solids and the environment, thus ensuring greater storage stability. They also improve sensory appeal and enable retardation and controlled release of active ingredients.

Discover the diverse process options of Glatt technologies with almost unlimited possibilities for optimal particle design and suitable functionalization of bulk particles. The key to the ideal product lies in the right selection of process parameters and their combinations.

You benefit at all times from access to innovative technologies, very short development times for new particle shapes and seamless scale-up to your own production plant based on laboratory and pilot trials at our Technology Center in Weimar, Germany.