Meet the Particle Customization Specialists

IFT first. July 16 -19, 2023 / Chicago, IL

Talk about Your Particle Design Ideas with the Glatt Powder Processing Experts at Booth 4230

Feasibility Trials. Equipment Design & Build. Site Services. Plant Layout & Design.

Do you dream of turning your products into functional ingredients for foods of the future? With Glatt as your experienced partner in particle design, this doesn’t need to be a dream.

Transform poorly-flowing powders into dust-free, easy-flowing granules! Adjust and optimize the solubility of your instant products! Discover innovative processes such as fluid bed or spouted bed microencapsulation! To increase the bioavailability of active ingredients!  Oxidation-sensitive and volatile substances can also be stabilized by this process.

Encapsulate your additives for better transportability and increased shelf-life with clever particle coatings!

Well, curious now? Visit the Glatt experts booth 4230. Our team will be happy to discuss a wide range of topics — from product ideas to contract manufacturing and  to full production machines with production ranges from tens of kilograms to multiple tons per hour.

Want to find out how your products can benefit from Glatt’s technology know-how? At our Technology Center in Weimar, Germany, you have the opportunity for extensive feasibility trials. While there, you will be supported by experienced process experts! Together, find the perfect match for your product idea and the process conditions required for it.

So, what are you waiting for? We are looking forward to your visit!

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