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Meet the Glatt team at Vitafoods Europe 2024 in Geneva at stand L 173

From the idea to market with functional granules. With a short time-to-market from product and process development directly to contract manufacturing or your own production plant Benefit from bundled expertise in particle design – from the first feasibility test to scale-up, masterbatch and validation of the production process. Glatt offers suitable solutions for almost every requirement. With Glatt process technologies, you can optimize and functionalize your products of tomorrow today! Visit us at stand L173.

With short time-to-market from process development directly to contract manufacturing

The Glatt Group’s customers benefit from bundled expertise in particle design – from the initial feasibility trial, through scale-up, to validation of the production process. Glatt offers suitable solutions for every variant and, if required, also implements customer-specific processes. In this way, new products move more quickly from the development phase to market maturity. (German article)

Contract manufacturing by fluid bed and spouted bed technology: Which is better, continuous or batch process?

When running processes such as fluid bed and spouted bed drying, granulation, encapsulation and coating, which production management is most advantageous for contract manufacturers: continuous or batch mode? Gudrun Ding, Head of Business Development, Process Technology, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik provides an insight into their everyday practices and points out which mode of operation offers most benefits. Glatt + Erbo Spraytec provide an insight into practice

Outsourcing of the production – Trust in competent partners

How the Glatt Group implements contract manufacturing with expertise and innovative solutions. There are many reasons for outsourcing production – minimizing one’s own risks or a lack of expertise in alternative technologies are just two of them. But what to look for when looking for a contract manufacturing partner?

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik celebrates continued business success with third expansion of its Technology Center

New services, capacities, employees: plant engineering expert Glatt Ingenieurtechnik marks its 30th anniversary with an investment in the future of its headquarters

From vitamins in animal feed and enzymes in detergents to powder materials for high-performance batteries, Glatt, the Germany-based plant manufacturer and process expert, is working on all of these in close cooperation with renowned research companies. In spring 2021, Glatt will expand its technology center in Weimar for the third time in twelve years.

Outsourcing to the fluid bed technology leader

In addition to contract manufacturing of granules, pellets and powders in the fluid bed and spouted bed, the plant manufacturer and process expert Glatt offers access to technologies, product and process development as well as special know-how for open innovation projects. (article in German language)

Why contract manufacturing is both critical and crucial

For decades, large companies have outsourced production capabilities, thus driving globalisation –but also contributing to the decline of domestic industries. Digitalization, however, means it makes sense for more and more well-known global players to relocate production back to Europe. Contract manufacturing, for example, gives an idea of where this journey can take us.

Regulation and control systems for fluid bed spray agglomeration

Fully automated processes require reliable process data. These are determined with methods of statistical experimental design and the application of artificial neural networks. The presented case study has shown the potential as well as the general feasibility of a model-based control of a fluidized bed spray agglomeration process. In addition to the actual control task, the systematic approach allows a deeper insight into details of concrete industrial granulation processes. (article in German language)

We support product development from the very beginning

We accompany the product development from the first idea.

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik from Weimar is a globally active plant engineering company with its own process technology, the fluid bed process. Volker Budzinski is the sales manager responsible for international project development in the Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals division. In an interview with the editors of Food Technologie, he answered some questions about fluid bed technology. (German article)