Meet the Glatt Experts @ NutriForm Business Days 2019

NutriForm Business Days 2019 –

3rd International Congress On Dietary Supplements & Innovation

11.09. – 12.09.2019

Saint-Raphaël (Var), France

Particle design and drying in just one process step using fluidized bed technology. Perfect determination of particle properties, functionalization and protection of active, volatile and sensitive substances. Listen to the lecture on ‘Functionalization of food supplements’.

Powders and liquids can be granulated, coated, encapsulated, dried and functionalized by Glatt fluidized bed and spouted bed technologies. Didier Schons, Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik Weimar, Germany, will give a lecture on ‘Functionalization of food supplements’ by using fluidized bed technology.

The lecture comprehensively provides a general understanding of the various fluid bed based processes and how they can be used to create powders and granules with well defined, advanced properties. The capabilities of this technology will be shown on the basis of some case studies. Encapsulation of flavors, enzymes, vitamins, microorganisms, probiotics or fatty acids (PUFA) is just as possible as encapsulation of essential oils and other active, sensitive and volatile substances to be protected. The first study highlights the approach to spray granulate fermentation products as part of the downstream process to generate dust free, good flowable and dry granules with well-defined particle sizes. Secondly, the coating of micro-organisms is presented as a functionalization process to achieve a controlled release for probiotic application. Referring to some innovations on the market, like encapsulation of omega-3 fattic acids, asthaxanthin and others, the production of a water soluble form of curcumin in powder form as a supplement for healthy beverages completes the short overview of a broad range of applications for Glatt’s technologies.

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