Enhance Your Product!

  • Influence the particle properties of your products and ingredients and optimize their functionality.
  • Particle size and particle structure can be specifically adjusted.

Glatt Particle Design for Food Ingredients at the FI Europe

28 – 30 November, 2023 / Frankfurt, Germany

Meet the Glatt team at stand 3.1A165

Discover the Glatt process technologies to turn your ideas for enhancing your ingredients into reality!

Fancy a ride on the carousel?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to fasten your seatbelt when you visit our booth 3.1A165. Here, our ingredient sample carousel awaits you! However, you might get a little dizzy once you understand how flexible fluidized bed processes can realize your product ideas.
Particle size and particle structure can be specifically adjusted to your needs. This gives you a direct influence on characteristics such as bulk density, solubility, dispersibility, release behavior and flowability. Improved dosing and storage stability extend the range of applications for the subsequent processing of your optimized ingredients.

Fluid bed spray granulation for highly soluble protein granules with improved sinking behavior

When drying suspensions or solutions using spray granulation in the fluid bed, we can create granules that exhibit significantly improved sinking behavior. Produced from the same starting material, for example proteins, score points due to better solubility compared to products from the tower of a spray dryer.

Fluidized bed coating enables tailor-made encapsulation of spherical and irregular particles

Do your valuable ingredients need protection from external influences such as moisture, temperature fluctuations or oxygen? Our processes for film coating, lipid and hot melt coating provide your ingredients with the right protective layer.
But the Glatt coating technology can do much more! Mask odor and taste. Give the granulates a colored branding. Enable a targeted, controlled release of active ingredients. Gastro-resistant coatings of probiotics, for example, allow the active ingredients to be absorbed in the intestines of humans or ruminants.

Curious to find out more?

Visit us at stand 3.1A165. Our team will be happy to advise you and answer your questions to improve your food ingredients.

Would you like to know how your products can benefit from Glatt’s technological expertise? At our Technology Center in Weimar, you have the opportunity to carry out extensive feasibility tests. Of course, you will be supported by experienced process experts! Find the perfect match between your product idea and the required process conditions together.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Instant Products with Perfectly Adjusted Solubility

  • Fast solubility.
  • Low bulk density.
  • Good flowability.
  • Good dosability.

Drying Liquids into Flowable Granules

  • Reduce volume during transport and storage.
  • Minimize risks to the environment.
  • Increase storage stability. Dispensing with cooling.
  • Particles with adjustable parameters and functions.

Stabilization of Vitamins

  • Protective coating or layering in the fluid bed for maximum effect with reduced material input

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