University of Leeds – Short Cours MICROENCAPSULATION from 27 to 29 June 2022

Meet our Glatt expert Didier Schons and listen to his lecture “Particle functionalization by core-shell or matrix-encapsulation in fluidized beds from an industrial perspective”

The course offers a programme of academic and industry cooperation taking delegates from the basic science through to manufactured products. Recent updates to the course mean that we are now also focusing on alternatives to historical microencapsulation systems in response to the recent microplastics regulations, which is driving the industry towards developing biodegradable alternatives. This year’s course will feature sessions to better understand the regulation environment, to specifically describe alternative microcapsule shell materials that are more environmentally friendly and some discussion around biodegradability testing.

On completion of this course you’ll have an understanding of:

  • developing a rational approach to formulate or modify emulsions for optimal processing behaviour, and using available laws and scaling relations to predict behaviour
  • the various methods of turning emulsions into encapsulates, including the process conditions that impact their final properties and behaviour
  • selecting characterisation devices and defining measurement procedures for a specific application
  • evaluating and interpreting experimental data.

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At the Glatt Technology Center in Weimar, we work with you to determine the optimum process conditions for your product in feasibility trials for product development. Various laboratory facilities and comprehensive analytical equipment are available for this purpose.