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Quick convenience for the “on-the-go” generation by powder agglomeration

Instant shakes are extremely popular and a perfect complement to our fast-paced lifestyles: just add liquid to powder, shake and go. Ensuring rapid dissolution, however is key … and agglomeration offers a successful way to process soluble powders when they need to dissolve quickly and completely in warm or cold liquids. Combining the highest product quality with maximum user-friendliness, fluidised bed technology provides manufacturers with the levels of control and optimisation options they need, putting convenience into the production process too!

Glatt Particle Design for Food Ingredients at the FI Europe 28.-30.11.2023 in Frankfurt

We explain how flexible fluidized bed processes can realize your product ideas. Particle size and particle structure can be specifically adjusted. This gives you a direct influence on characteristics such as bulk density, solubility, dispersibility, release behavior and flowability. Improved dosing and storage stability extend the range of applications for the subsequent processing of your optimized ingredients. Fluid bed spray granulation for highly soluble protein granules with improved sinking behavior. Fluidized bed coating enables tailor-made encapsulation of spherical and irregular particles.

Meet the Glatt Experts at Alimentaria Foodtech from 26-29 September 2023 – Barcelona at booth E563

Transform poorly free-flowing powders into dust-free, easy-flowing granules! Adjust the solubility of your instant products! Increase the bioavailability of active ingredients. Stabilize oxidation-sensitive and volatile substances. Encapsulate your additives for better transportability and storability with clever particle coatings! Discover fluid bed or spouted bed processes!

Glatt. Meet the Experts @ 4G127 ● Fi Food Ingredients Europe ● 6-8 Dec 2022 ● Paris ● France

Glatt fluidized bed technologies for sophisticated product design: Added-value ingredients require gentle processes and sustainable packaging. At Fi Europe, particle design, process development and plant engineering specialist Glatt will present innovative solutions to meet these needs.

Glatt @ Food & Nutritional Ingredients 2022, Istanbul

Drying and granule formation in only ONE process step. Benefit from Glatt spouted bed and fluid bed technology. Visit us at Food and Nutritional Ingredients from May 25-27, 2022 at the Istanbul Expo Center. You will find the Glatt experts for particle design, process technology and plant engineering in hall 10 at booth D201.

Animal feed production: food trends as a reflection

Ingredients specialists are using their expertise to drive these industries forward. Vitamins or probiotics, enzymes, yeasts, essential oils, proteins or microorganisms need to be optimized and adapted for industrial processes, storage and feeding conditions, and digestion processes. Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, a leading global plant manufacturer and process expert, offers feed producers process development, technology and plant expertise from a single source. (German article)

Food, feed and pet nutrition: a convergence of industries

Food mega-trends such as added health benefits, natural raw materials and sustainable sourcing are becoming increasingly important for another large target group: animals. Functional or active ingredients such as vitamins or probiotics, enzymes, yeasts, essential oils, proteins or microorganisms must be optimised and adapted for industrial processes, storage and feeding conditions. Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, a leading global plant manufacturer and process expert, offers feed producers process development, technology and plant expertise from a single source.

How to Tame Recalcitrant Ingredients with Technological Processes

Plant-based functional ingredients behave differently than manufacturers of nutraceuticals and cosmetic products would like. Innovative processes such as double microencapsulation can help them to overcome bioavailability and solubility challenges.

Glatt. Meet the Experts @ booth 12D018 ● PRODEXPO ● 10-14 Feb 2020 ● Moscow ● Russia

Innovative Process Technologies for Customized Functional Ingredients and Beverage Powder Mixes: At the 27th International Exhibition for Food, Beverages, Food Raw Materials in Moscow, Glatt will present innovative fluidized bed and spouted bed technologies to dry, agglomerate, granulate and particle coat various ingredients for sophisticated applications. These ingredients may require specific particle sizes or shapes, optimum solubility, compressibility or the functional protection provided by active ingredients or improved stability via protective coatings.

Technologies à lit fluidisé / Fluid bed and spouted bed technology

Powdery substances often cause problems during dosing, filling and transport because of their high dust content and poor flowability. Low solubilities and dispersing properties also impair the application of the end product. With the help of fluidised bed spray agglomeration, the size distribution and structure of difficult-to-process particles can be specifically adjusted and improved.