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Protecting sensitive substances effectively – Particle design by fluidized bed and spouted bed processes

To ensure that sensitive substances such as probiotics, flavors, vitamins or delayed-release active ingredients survive their journey through processing or the digestive tract, they must be functionally protected. Hot melt coating and encapsulation in the fluid bed or spouted bed offer a variety of product design options in this regard. (article in German language)

Protected by a shell – Optimization of active ingredients by encapsulation or coating

Sensitive substances such as vitamins, flavors or probiotics must be well packaged to ensure that they reach their point of action safely. To ensure that they can also be released from their protective shell at the right time, fluid bed and spouted bed technologies with microencapsulation and hot melt coating offer two tailor-made finishing processes. (article in German language)

Hot-melt applications for the food and beverage industry – How to safely stabilize vitamins and probiotics

Sensitive substances such as probiotics, vitamins or sustained release dosage forms must be furnished with a functionally protective coating to ensure their safe transport through the intestinal tract. Furthermore, the surface treatment guarantees their release at a well-defined point in time. Hot-melt fluidized bed granulation provides a variety of possibilities for product design.