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Contract manufacturing by fluid bed and spouted bed technology: Which is better, continuous or batch process?

When running processes such as fluid bed and spouted bed drying, granulation, encapsulation and coating, which production management is most advantageous for contract manufacturers: continuous or batch mode? Gudrun Ding, Head of Business Development, Process Technology, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik provides an insight into their everyday practices and points out which mode of operation offers most benefits. Glatt + Erbo Spraytec provide an insight into practice

A spirit of optimism between batch and continuous production

The concept of continuous production is captivating. No longer batch by batch – instead, for example, a liquid product can simply be tapped at any time. It is therefore surprising that “continuous manufacturing” did not already triumphantly conquer chemical and pharmaceutical production five or ten years ago. In the meantime, however, there are a whole series of forward-looking examples.

Fluid bed systems: continuous, batch or a hybrid?

The discussion pro and contra continuous versus batch production is conducted as if there were only these two alternatives. However, with the Glatt series, plant solutions have long been available that enable both types of process control. A look at the requirements of two customers shows which issues are really decisive. (German article)

For quick enjoyment – Fluid bed systems in batch or continuous operation

Product refinement in two acts: Whether it’s enzymes for animal feed, vitamins for dietary supplements or instant coffee for capsule systems, the search for a suitable process precedes product development. Dr. Michael Jacob, head of process engineering in the Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals division at plant manufacturer Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, summarizes what is important when deciding between continuous and batch fluid bed production. (German article)