Meet the Glatt Experts @ SEPAWA 2019, Berlin, am Stand C529

SEPAWA Congress and European Detergents Conference

23.10. – 25.10.2019

Estrel Congress & Exhibition Center Berlin, Germany

Dipl.-Ing. Katja Oppermann, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, Weimar, will give a lecture on “Process options of fluid bed technology for value-adding product forms” at the SEPAWA Congress round about the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and fragrance industry in Europe.

The annual SEPAWA Congress is the groundbreaking event for the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and fragrance industry in Europe. With over 150 lectures and poster presentations and above 260 exhibitors, the SEPAWA Congress offers a wealth of information to more than 3,000 participants. The Congress is therefore the European communication platform for experts in the above-mentioned fields.

Development of innovative products requires state-of-the-art technologies. Fluidized bed and spouted bed processes offer almost unlimited possibilities in terms of particle structure of dry product forms. Most of these possibilities are strongly linked to drying or solidification mechanisms. Such processes are usually multiphase problems and must be designed accurately.
Optimal evaluation of process conditions and parameters as well as material properties allows to directly design particulate products like homogeneous grains, porous agglomerates or layered products having hierarchical structures.
With making use of this knowledge innovative products can be developed and manufactured effectively. That offers benefits for producers as well as for users.
For instance, spray agglomeration makes products easier and more safe to handle, better to dose, better in homogeneity. Using fluidized bed agglomeration technology, stability, functionality and processability as well as instant properties can be significantly improved. Main fields of application are besides cosmetics, detergents and cleansers the food, feed and pharmaceutical industry as well as fine chemicals, where high performance products are needed. The lecture shows actual status of research activities at Glatt applying various processing principles, creating different particle structures and using different technical configurations of plants. In addition, various drying principles and technologies will be presented in order to achieve optimum product performance. The basis of every product development is the comprehensive knowledge of the targeted application, which is used to select suitable process options to realize certain particle properties.

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